----Day 1----

December 12th (Mon)

Panel Discussions
Theme: Various discussions will be held on three different topics regarding what can be done to enhance the visibility of Japanese television content worldwide.

Moderator: Prof. Yoshihiro Oto (Department of Journalism, Sophia University)

Panel Discussion I
“TV Content – Crossing the Borders” (10:00 - 12:00)
Today, a variety of support exists for promoting transnational television broadcasting. Knowledge of such methods is essential for overseas development of Japanese television content. This section will offer an introduction to current trends from the production standpoint not only for documentaries but also for dramas and animation.

Mathieu Bėjot, Executive Director, TV France International (France)
Tom Koch, Vice President, PBS Distribution (United States)
Ling Leland,CEO,Final Decision Maker of LIC China (China)
Kim Yungduk, Head of the Japan Office, KOCCA (South Korea)
Sayumi Horie, Senior Producer, International Co-production, NHK (Japan)

Panel Discussion II
“How Are Producers Involved in International Co-production?” (13:00 - 14:30)
Based on actual cases, discussions will focus on the support producers abroad use to create programs while complying with the regulations of each country.

Nick Fraser, Commissioning Editor, BBC (UK)
Axel Arnö, Commissioning Editor, SVT (Sweden)
Catherine Alvaresse, Commissioning Editor, ARTE France (France)
Fan Lixin, Director of “Last Train Home” (China)
Ken-ichi Imamura, Senior Producer, International Acquisition and Co-production, NHK (Japan)

Panel Discussion III
“The Right Path for Japan” (15:00 - 16:30)
Based on the points that emerge from the first two discussions, participants will address what producers, broadcasters and government must do to enhance overseas visibility of Japanese broadcasting content.

Akihiro Arai, Seninor Director, Programming and Production Department, Fuji Television Network,Inc
Shinichi Kumamoto,Senior Staff Writer,The Asahi Shimbun
Shohei Shibata, President, Producer and Director, ASIA Documentary Productions Company
Yutaka Shigenobu, CEO and Chairman of the Board, TV MAN UNION, INC.
Hiroshi Takahashi, President, TOEI ANIMATION,Inc
Minoru Toizumi, President, Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

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